Ceramic Coating & Auto Detailing

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We are ceramic coating and auto detailing experts servicing the Houston TX area. Call or text 346-808-0951.

At Gloss Boss Auto Specialists, we are ceramic coating and automotive detailing experts. Our 3000 sqft. shop is located in Tomball, TX, but will service the greater Houston area. Give us a call today to learn more.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic Coatings are the leading edge of paint and surface protection technology and have made wax obsolete. Advanced polymers in the coating bond to the paint to form a hard, crystal-like shell that protects the paint from UV, abrasions, oxidation, acidic bird droppings, and much more! This semi-permanent superhydrophobic coating adds Gloss and Protection that lasts up to 6 years!

Why Ceramic Coating?

It looks amazing

Hydrophobic surface makes for easy washing

Minor protective surface

Ceramic Coatings We Offer

Pricing based on car size and condition

1 Year Coating

2 Year Coating

5 Year Coating

5 Year Graphene

We use the Industry’s Top Quality Products

SB3 Coatings
IGL Coatings
SPS Coatings

Paint Correction

We are paint correction specialists, it’s our forte and we’re damn good at it! This is for vehicles with heavy paint damage such as swirl marks, faded clear coat, UV damage, scuffs, water-spots or etching. For people who want a show-car finish or simply to bring your older car back to life, this service is for you!

The process of paint correction involves removing a thin layer of paint (typically clear coat) then polished to a brilliant shine. Our trained and certified detailers will provide second-to-none results.

Contact us today for more information on paint correction services in Houston, Texas and the surrounding areas.

After Clear BraAfter Clear Bra

Auto Detailing

Extend the life of your car and maintain its maximum resale value with detailing services from Gloss Boss in Tomball, TX. We’ll bring your vehicle back to life with interior and exterior detailing, headlight restoration, engine bay cleaning, and more!

Pricing based on car size and condition

Interior Detailing

Vacuuming, Shampooing, Upholstery Cleaning, Leather Conditioning, Clean Windows, Clean Vinyl & Plastic, etc.

Exterior Detailing

Clay Bar, Clean Wheels, Wash and Wax, Remove Iron Contaminants, etc.

Engine Bay Cleaning

Engine Degreased and Scrubbed, Pressure Washed to Removed Stubborn Dirt and Road Grime, Gloss Dressing